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Online Ordering


Biocoat is a “make to order” manufacturing operation. Due to the short shelf-life of our products we do not inventory any finished goods. This means orders are not scheduled until we have your Web Order and Purchase Order in hand. On average it takes twelve (12) business days to manufacture an order. Starting 1-Aug-2023, the web portal will no longer allow you to place orders less then twelve (12) business days out, the system will require you to plan out the minimum of (12) business days before it will allow you to schedule the selected product for shipment. If you submit an order less, then (12) business days the system will send you a message that says you are less then (12) Business Days, and the order is being held as a “PENDING QUOTE”.

NOTE: orders in “PENDING QUOTE” have not been submitted to Customer Service,  will not be submitted to Customer Service until you go back and correct the date and resubmit.

Should you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at service@biocoat.com or call (614) 924-0133.

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