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Your One-Stop Solution For Custom Made Polymers

Chempilots Custom Solutions

Custom Polymer Synthesis

Chempilots brings your idea of a new polymer into product delivery at low or final scale custom polymer synthesis to support your further development.

Polymer Process Development & Scale Up

Through processing research and testing we define the critical parameters required for the creation of your polymer. From here, scale-up can occur safely, ensuring the integrity of your polymer.

Polymer Contract Manufacturing

From initial processing to final inspection and product release Chempilots handle clean-room operations of your specialty polymer product and deliver for new commercial use or as a second source of supply.

Polymer Contract Research

Do you have an idea for a specialty polymer that requires experts in chemical synthesis, analysis and manufacturing? Using our experience, we can help you develop a polymer for your specific needs. 

Polymer Analysis Services

During our research, we conduct polymer analysis to help targeting and strengthening your polymer performance. At Chempilots, we ensure the polymer we create is suitable for the conditions of your application.

Polymer Lab & Facility

Our fully-equipped facility boasts 27,500 square-feet of lab space to support  from initial research to final polymer production, the Chempilots facilities and dedicated team offer the state-of-the-art equipment and service required to do it all.

Over 60 years of experience leading the polymer industry. Experience the Chempilots Difference today!
Types of Polymers
Chempilots has the capabilities to develop a wide range of custom specialty polymers used throughout the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Plus, we’re able to support you throughout the entire polymer development process from synthesis to polymer analysis.

Types of Polymers

Industries Requiring Specialty Polymers
Chempilots is proud to serve clients through the US, Australia and European markets. For over 60 years, we’ve used our expertise and state-of-the-art technology to develop custom specialty polymers, from initial research to custom contract manufacturing.
We work with medical device and pharmaceutical companies that require specialty polymers for research and development as well as for commercial use. From hydrogels and coatings to excipients, we can develop a polymer that fits your needs.
Medical Devices

Medical devices require polymers for highly specific functions. From 3D print structures to thermoplastics and adhesives to biodegradable, Chempilots develops high-quality custom polymers to fit your specific application.


Pharmaceutical polymers must meet all processability, stability and therapeutic response requirements. Chempilots has years of expertise in helping companies develop specialty polymers to meet critical release profiles.


Chempilots also develops polymers found in cosmetics such as hyaluronic acid, which is commonly found in anti-aging products. Cosmetic polymers are also used as thickeners, structing agents and delivery agents for antixidants.

Interested in a Polymer Solution?

Our team of engineers and polymer experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.

A Complete Solution

Providing a complete solution goes way beyond simply providing a product. That’s why our hydrophilic coatings are custom engineered to meet your design parameters. We are proud to partner with you and provide you with a best-in-class coating experience.

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Our team of engineers and clinical experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.
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