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Hydrophilic Coatings for Metals


Discover the ultimate solution for coating metal substrates with Biocoat’s HYDAK® hydrophilic coatings, engineered to deliver unparalleled performance on challenging metal substrates commonly used in medical devices. Our cutting-edge HYDAK® technology is crafted to maximize coating efficiency, enabling a seamless application process that allows you to apply directly to metal substrates without an additional tie coat layer, yielding significant time and material cost savings. With this innovative approach, you’ll benefit from an efficient production line that requires fewer materials and allows for a thinner, yet robust coating. High performance is no longer an option; it’s a standard with Biocoat’s hydrophilic coatings, designed to enhance the performance of your medical device.

Efficient Production

Biocoat’s HYDAK® hydrophilic coatings provide the fastest and most efficient process for coating metal substrates. Applying directly to metal substrates eliminates the time needed to apply and cure a primer, or tie layer, resulting in faster production with fewer steps.

Fewer Materials

The HYDAK® metal coating process utilizes the identical materials that are used for coating polymeric substrates. By removing the tie layer, also known as the primer, you can reduce material expenses and minimize the amount of materials needed for storage.

Thinner Coating

Compared to polymer claddings and coatings that need a tie layer or primer, HYDAK® hydrophilic coatings have a thinner profile. This makes it easier to reach and treat challenging areas.

High Performance

HYDAK® coatings provide equivalent or better performance in lubricity, durability, and particulate counts versus polymer cladding or other hydrophilic coatings.

Maximum Efficiency With Best-In-Class Performance

At Biocoat, our HYDAK® coatings offer best-in-class performance in lubricity, durability, and particulates. Our coatings give you a choice to cure the coatings using either Thermal heat or Ultraviolet (UV) light. The following tests show the results of a series of tests that the Biocoat Research & Development team completed to test the lubricity and durability of HYDAK® UV on metal guidewires to see how our coatings perform compared to a polymer jacket and a competitive hydrophilic coating.

The Biocoat R&D team tested our HYDAK® UV coating applied to a commercially available guidewire with the polymer jacket stripped versus the same guidewire with the polymer jacket. HYDAK®UV showed to provide more lubricity in both initial and repeated use.

The Biocoat R&D team tested our HYDAK® UV coating applied directly to a 0.018” nitinol wire versus a 0.016” commercially available guidewire with a tie layer and topcoat. HYDAK® UV showed to provide more lubricity in both initial and repeated use.

Interested in a Hydrophilic Coating Solutions for your Devices?

Our team of engineers and coating experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.

A standard engagement with Biocoat follows:

Project Review
Our Application Engineering Team facilitates an initial review to determine fit between your project's unique specifications and our HYDAK hydrophilic coatings. Once confirmed, our team quickly moves to the Feasibility stage.
Feasibility Testing
An Application Engineer is assigned to your program, who then initiates the feasibility testing phase. A small number of samples will be requested to be used for initial high-level coating trials. The samples are evaluated for coating readiness (cleanliness), cleaned as needed, and then coated with our initial Hydak coating selection and process.  The coated samples are then tested for lubricity, durability and coverage. In conjunction with the testing performance results, coated samples are returned to the customer for a parallel assessment. Speed is critical during all phases of product development, and our resources are positioned to meet your lead-time needs with a standard short lead-time and expedite options as quick as 24 hours.
Coating Development & Optimization
Collaboration is vital during this stage, as we are working together to finalize the coating selection and application process that best suites the device’s performance requirements. Planning for validation, regulatory submission (as required), transfer to production, and scaling to match expected market demand, also occurs during this critical phase.
Services & Fulfillment
  • Contract Coating Services
    By utilizing Biocoat’s Contract Coating Services offering, you are free to focus on device innovation, design, and assembly, without the need to incorporate complex and coating processes into your manufacturing lines. Our best-in-class customer service, world class coating equipment, process controls, and rapid turnaround times are a commonly selected option to give you peace of mind that your device’s hydrophilic coating application is taking care of by experts.
  • Reagent Fulfillment
    If you plan to coat the devices at your facility, we support you through the same best-in-class customer support and world-class coating manufacturing operations.  We’re committed to delivering your coating materials on time, and as expected, every time. Our online ordering system is backed by a live Customer Support team, who are eager to assist with any questions or support you may require.
A Complete Solution

Providing a complete solution goes way beyond simply providing a product. That’s why our hydrophilic coatings are custom engineered to meet your design parameters. We are proud to partner with you and provide you with a best-in-class coating experience.

Let’s Connect

Our team of engineers and clinical experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.
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