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Custom Coatings Designed For Neurovascular Devices

Our hydrophilic coatings provide best-in-class performance with the industry’s lowest particulate counts. Our flexible service model allows you to coat your materials at your production facility or our Contract Coating Services Unit. Your medical device is specifically designed to achieve its intended goal, and our coatings enable your device to perform at the highest level, while maintaining the durability expected for reliable procedures.

At Biocoat, we are focused on researching, developing, manufacturing, and applying the best coatings in the market. By becoming an extension of your team, we are fully dedicated to providing you with a best-in­-class experience at every stage of your product’s development and commercial lifecycle.


  • Percutaneous Thrombectomy Devices
  • Neurovascular Thrombectomy Devices
  • Embolectomy Balloon Catheters
  • OTW Microcatheters
  • Guiding Catheters
  • Micro-Guidewires
  • Flow-Directed Microcatheters
  • INR Coil Delivery Systems
  • INR Flow-Diverting Devices

At Biocoat we offer a complete solution for the coating of neurovascular medical devices.


Substrates We Coat


At Biocoat, our HYDAK® coatings offer best-in-class performance in lubricity, durability, and particulates. Our coatings give you a choice to cure the coatings using either heat or Ultraviolet (UV) light. The following charts show the results of a series of tests that the Biocoat Research & Development team completed to test the friction, durability, and particulates on commercially available microcatheters to evaluate how our coatings perform compared to other coatings on the market.


In order for our coatings to retain their best-in-class status, we continually test our products to ensure that they meet the three criteria on which hydrophilic coatings are measured. An effective lubricious coating should have each of the following components:

  • Low friction: To ease the movement of the device
    through the body.

  • High durability: Due to the many twists and turns the
    body contains, the coating needs to maintain the
    same level of performance throughout the entire

  • Low particulates: A relatively new measure of coating
    performance that is driven by various regulatory
    agencies to understand what types and amounts of
    foreign materials are being introduced to the body.




Our customer required a coating that allowed the device to reach further into the vasculature while including the use of a soft distal tip.


Biocoat was required to supply a coating that would be extremely durable, while ensuring optimal performance for maneuverability through the torturous paths in the neurovascular anatomy.


Biocoat’s Application Development team recommended HYDAK® Thermal coatings to the client’s Engineering team to develop a custom coating solution that allowed maximum lubricity, durability and to meet the FDA’s requirements for particulate counts. The client’s device was FDA 510k cleared for use and has become the leading neurovascular catheter on the market.

“We needed a coating partner that not only has a good coating, but can handle everything we throw at them”
Chief Executive Officer     Neurovascular Medical Device Company 

Interested in a Hydrophilic Coating Solution for your Neurovascular Devices?

Our team of engineers and coating experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.

Dedicated Support Throughout Your Project Development

A major portion of Biocoat’s success has been attributed to our commitment to delivering a high-touch customer service experience. Our coating experts are ready to assist you with the development of a coating that is specifically designed to match your project’s requirements.

Project Review
Our Application Engineering Team facilitates an initial review to determine fit between your project's unique specifications and our HYDAK hydrophilic coatings. Once confirmed, our team quickly moves to the Feasibility stage.
Feasibility Testing
An Application Engineer is assigned to your program, who then initiates the feasibility testing phase. A small number of samples will be requested to be used for initial high-level coating trials. The samples are evaluated for coating readiness (cleanliness), cleaned as needed, and then coated with our initial Hydak coating selection and process. The coated samples are then tested for lubricity, durability and coverage. In conjunction with the testing performance results, coated samples are returned to the customer for a parallel assessment. Speed is critical during all phases of product development, and our resources are positioned to meet your lead-time needs with a standard short lead-time and expedite options as quick as 24 hours.
Coating Development & Optimization
Collaboration is vital during this stage, as we are working together to finalize the coating selection and application process that best suits the device’s performance requirements. Planning for validation, regulatory submission (as required), transfer to production, and scaling to match expected market demand, also occurs during this critical phase.
Services & Fulfillment
  • Contract Coating Services
    By utilizing Biocoat’s Contract Coating Services offering, you are free to focus on device innovation, design, and assembly, without the need to incorporate complex and coating processes into your manufacturing lines. Our best-in-class customer service, world class coating equipment, process controls, and rapid turnaround times are a commonly selected option to give you peace of mind that your device’s hydrophilic coating application is taking care of by experts.
  • Reagent Fulfillment

    If you plan to coat the devices at your facility, we support you through the same best-in-class customer support and world-class coating manufacturing operations. We’re committed to delivering your coating materials on time, and as expected, every time. Our online ordering system is backed by a live Customer Support team, who are eager to assist with any questions or support you may require.

A Complete Solution

Providing a complete solution goes way beyond simply providing a product. That’s why our hydrophilic coatings are custom engineered to meet your design parameters. We are proud to partner with you and provide you with a best-in-class coating experience.

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Our team of engineers and clinical experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.
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