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HYDAK® is Biocoat’s proprietary hydrophilic coating technology used
in interventional medical devices

HYDAK® hydrophilic coating technology offers industry-leading performance in the three criteria (lubricity, durability and particulates) that measure coating effectiveness. HYDAK’s high-performance capabilities are a result of using a bi-laminar coating platform, which is used to covalently bond the coating to the substrate material. HYDAK’s basecoat is used to “normalize” the substrate material and to prepare the surface for a chemical bonding to the lubricious topcoat. This cross-linked chemistry is what enables HYDAK to remain durable and lubricious through the entire procedure.

Flexibility for All Your Coating Needs

Biocoat’s hydrophilic coatings are custom engineered to meet your design parameters. As the only hydrophilic coating provider to offer industry-leading performance using both UV and thermal heat curing systems, we can test to find the solution that maximizes the effectiveness your device. Or we can work with your existing coating systems to support your next-generation product.


Type of Curing MachineUltraviolet (UV) Lighting SystemHeat via Oven
Market ApplicationsNeurovascular, Cardiovascular, Peripheral VascularNeurovascular, Cardiovascular, Peripheral Vascular, Ophthalmology
Bi-laminar PlatformYesYes
Sterilization MethodsEthylene Oxide (EtO), E-Beam and GammaEthylene Oxide (EtO), E-Beam and Gamma
Inner Diameter (ID) vs Outer Diameter (OD) Coating ApplicationOuter Diameter (OD)Inner Diameter (ID) & Outer Diameter (OD)


Best-in-Class Performance

Our HYDAK coatings have tested as best-in-class in the three criteria used to measure hydrophilic coatings: friction, durability and particulates. Learn more and see the results of our testing here.

Extremely Thin & Flexible Coatings

HYDAK adds only a few microns to the overall diameter of the device surface, which allows for our coatings to be flexible as the device travels through the bodies tortuous paths.

Crosslink Chemistry

Custom engineering capabilities are possible to create a coating process to meet specific density, thickness, swelling or flexibility requirements based on your product’s unique requirements.

Multiple Sterilization Options

Devices coated with HYDAK can be sterilized using several methods including ethylene oxide (EtO), e-beam and gamma.

Easy Integration

To cure HYDAK coatings, we offer the ability to use convection heat ovens or UV light. Biocoat is one of the only hydrophilic coating companies that offers best-in-class performance for both UV and Thermal cure coatings.

Available in Either Thermal or UV Cure

HYDAK coatings are one of the industries only coatings that can provide industry-leading performance using either a Thermal heat OR UV light cure system.  This flexibility ensures that we offer a match that best suits your current in-house coating systems.

What We Coat

Biocoat’s HYDAK® hydrophilic coating technology is suitable for coating vascular catheters, guide wires, hydrophilic films and other medical devices. Biocoat has extensive experience in applying coatings to nearly all polymeric and metallic substrates including, but not limited to, the items listed below.


  • Nylon/Polyamide
  • Polueurethane
  • PEEK
  • Chronoprene
  • Tecothane
  • Tecoflex
  • Aesno
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Hydrophilic films
  • Silicone

…and many more!


  • Stainless Steel
  • Nitinol
  • Platinum
  • Nickel
  • Gold
  • Titanium

Coating for Hydrophilic Films

Biocoat’s HYDAK technology allows for the coating of hydrophilic films used in medical devices. This capability allows for the processing of:

  • Implant Delivery Devices
  • Wettable IVDs & Microfluids

Plasma Treatments to Ensure Coating Performance

To support the development of cutting-edge medical devices, Biocoat has added dedicated in-house plasma capabilities. The use of plasma treatment supports the coating process by:

  • Cleaning the surface to allow for maximum coating adhesion
  • Functionalize the surface to allow to enhance coating lubricity or durability performance
  • Altering the surface to allow for unique coating enhancements

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