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Expansion of Coating Services, Celebration of 30 Years of Hydrophilic Coating Excellence

September 9, 2021

Biocoat, Inc. Expands Coating Services, Celebrates 30 Years of Hydrophilic Coating Excellence

HORSHAM, PA – September 9, 2021 – Biocoat, Inc., a specialty manufacturer of hydrophilic biomaterial coatings for medical devices, today announced it has expanded its on-site ISO-certified, full-service contract coating service unit to include the ability to cure via ultraviolet (UV) light, along with the ability to plasma treat interventional medical devices. The announcement coincides with the company’s 30th anniversary of coating service excellence.

Biocoat is the only coating provider to offer industry-leading performance for both UV and Thermal cure hydrophilic coatings. The expansion of UV contract coating services allows development companies to test, customize and launch their products without incurring the expense or expertise required to properly coat their products.

In addition, Biocoat has also introduced plasma treatment services for difficult to coat substrate materials. Plasma treatment offers the ability to clean the substrate material to ensure a flawless sterile surface, build functionality into the device or even deposit a unique surface on the substrate.

The year 2021 also marks 30 years in business for Biocoat, a global industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and application of hydrophilic medical device coatings. In 1991, Biocoat’s founder, Ellington Beavers, developed the only product that incorporated hyaluronic acid as a critical ingredient of the coating. The early developmental coatings were the basis of HYDAK®, Biocoat’s proprietary coating technology. Today, HYDAK demonstrates top performance in lubricity, durability, and particulates, the three main criteria for measuring coating effectiveness.

“We are happy to be celebrating 30 years of coating excellence,” said Jim Moran, President and CEO, Biocoat. “The expansion of our contract coating solutions and enhancements in customer service demonstrate our commitment to meeting the increased demands of the market. These investments further fuel our continued growth and position Biocoat as the leading manufacturer of medical device coatings well into the future.”

“Over the last several years, Biocoat has been growing and investing to become the premier coatings provider in the industry,” said Scott Cramer, Chairman of the Board. “Biocoat’s dedication to providing best in class service for all aspects of the coating process further positions the company as the only full-service provider in the industry.”

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