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Webinar: Evaluating And Selecting A Hydrophilic Coating Vendor: Suggestions, Tips And Recommendations To Support Your Project

Webinar: Evaluating and Selecting a Hydrophilic Coating Vendor: Suggestions, Tips and Recommendations to Support Your Project

During the development of medical devices that require the use of a hydrophilic coating to allow their project to best perform its intended function. This webinar provides a outline of the core requirements that should be evaluated when considering what hydrophilic coating vendor should be consulted for the project.

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:

  • The key factors to consider in your coating vendor selection
  • An overview of particulates and their impact on regulatory approvals
  • The benefits of Contract Coating services for your product launch
  • Why coating selection should be completed earlier in the development cycle

To access this webinar on the Biocoat YouTube Channel or click here: 

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