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Webinar: Using A Scientific-Based Approach To Develop Neurovascular Devices

Webinar: Using a Scientific-Based Approach to Develop Neurovascular Devices

Learn more on how to Use a Scientific-Based Approach to Develop Neurovascular Devices.  This webinar features presenters from Switchback Medical, Marblehead Medical and Biocoat and it will discuss the design of a novel medical device can be approached in numerous methods and be successful in moving the project to regulatory approval.  This webinar will review how the design, development and launch of a neurovascular project was completed using a scientific modeling plan.  This method proved successful, and there were several other factors that must be considered that are required to ensure a successful launch.

When you attend this webinar, you will learn:

  • An overview of a scientific-based approach: How the project was designed, and lessons learned
  •  Vendor selection: Reviewing the selection process of the CMO and Coating partners
  • Key factors considered for success in working with project vendors
  • The CMO’s implementation of a plan to support the scientific model
  • Selection of a hydrophilic coating provider
  • Analysis of particulates and their effect on the project

To access the webinar which is hosted on the QMed / MD&DI platform, click here:

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