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Evaluating a Coating

There are three main criteria’s that are used to evaluate the performance of a hydrophilic coating: friction, durability and particulates.

Our HYDAK® Coating Technology platform outperforms other chemistries and delivers superior lubricity with extremely low particulate counts.

Hydrophilic coatings are applied onto medical devices to make surfaces lubricious and lower the co-efficient of friction. This helps track the device through vasculature without damaging the vessel walls and enables precise positioning.


By definition, hydrophilic coatings are lubricious and will reduce the amount of friction that is required to maneuver a medical device through the body.  Internal research at Biocoat has shown that devices coated with our hydrophilic coatings will routinely reduce the friction force by approximately 95% when compared to an uncoated device. 


Due to the many twists and turns during insertion of a device, the coating needs to maintain the same level of performance throughout the entire procedure. This ensures that the coating will remain effective for the duration of the device’s use and still allow for a smooth recovery of the device once the procedure is complete.


Particulates are a relatively new measure of coating performance that is being driven by various regulatory agencies to understand what types of foreign materials are being introduced to the body and what their long-term impacts are to the patient.

Biocoat’s R&D team tested 12 commercially available catheters (6 neurovascular microcatheters and 6 PTCA dilatation catheters). Three of the catheters were coated with Biocoat’s HYDAK® coatings, which tested as some of the best-in-class materials for both low particulates and low initial friction results in this study.
Data on file.

- In this chart the Biocoat R&D team purchased six (6) different commercially available neurovascular microcatheters, two (2) of which were coated with Biocoat’s HYDAK® technology. The Biocoat team measured both the lubricity and durability of each of the microcatheters in an effort to determine where HYDAK® stands in relation to industry competitors. Our testing proves that HYDAK® exhibits best-in-class lubricity and durability results.
- The chart also shows the performance of Biocoat’s HYDAK UV coating performance in comparison to the six (6) commercially available microcatheters.
- Data on file.

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