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Now offering Coating Services for UV and Thermal Hydrophilic Coatings!

With the addition of high-performing UV coatings, we are now able to offer a turnkey solution that enables your medical devices to be expertly coated using our HYDAK® technology with a Thermal or UV cure.

Our comprehensive Contract Coating Services for medical devices is specifically designed to ensure that your products will be expertly coated for maximum safety, maneuverability and patient comfort.

Our Contract Coating Services Solution Offers:

  • Seamless application of our industry-leading hydrophilic formula on your device
  • A stable and repeatable application process
  • Customizable fulfillment to support your product’s unique needs
  • Rapid and efficient turnaround times to meet your production schedule
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Ability to cure the coating using either Thermal heat or UV light

Companies are using Biocoat’s Contract Coating Services for their medical devices to optimize product launch times, support commercial production volumes and act as a reliable alternative to existing in-house facilities.

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