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Hydrophilic Coating Solutions for the Medical Device Industry

We are driven every day to provide innovative, effective and safe hydrophilic coating technologies to our partners in the medical device industry. For over 30 years, Biocoat has partnered with several of the world’s largest manufacturers and some of the most innovative and exciting start-ups, as a thought partner, an R&D asset and a manufacturing arm. As a global leader we offer custom, lubricious, abrasion resistant and biocompatible hydrophilic coatings that can be applied to a wide range of polymeric and metallic substrates using either a thermal or UV curing technology.

Providing a complete solution goes way beyond simply providing a product. That’s why our hydrophilic coatings are custom engineered to meet your design parameters. We are proud to partner with you and provide you with a best-in-class coating experience.

We’re All About Maximizing Performance

We understand that every medical device that requires a hydrophilic coating is unique. We consider:

  • Substrate materials
  • Device usage
  • Overall size
  • Time in the body


    The Journey to Success

    Our process for working with engineers and product developers has been designed to yield efficient and effective solutions.

    We begin by asking you key questions and listening to your needs and challenges. Then we will work with you to build a list of requirements and specifications based on your unique project – and move to the testing phase.

    After review of your device, we look at various conditions and manufacturing parameters to match the best coating for your project. Based on this verification testing, the Biocoat team will work directly with you to fine-tune and maximize the results to meet your exact requirements.

    Collaboration is vital when designing and implementing a coating process. We are with you every step of the way – from recommendations for equipment and design of process parameters to support your product’s development. During this stage we work with you to determine if it is best to coat the materials at your facility or at our in-house Coating Services Unit.

    Once a manufacturing process is designed and built, it must be validated in order to meet Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards. Biocoat has access to experts in the area of Process Validation and can help you towards commercialization of a coated product.

    As part of our full-service coating solution, our Coating Services Unit is an option for our partners who want to outsource the coating application process. We are proud to be able to accurately and efficiently process our customers’ specialty devices in preparation for use by patients located around the world in an efficient, stable and repeatable process. To learn more about our Coating Services Unit, click here.

    For our partners who are setting up their production lines so that they can coat their devices at their facility, Biocoat is there to support your coating process for the length of your device’s lifetime. We support our partners with easy ordering of reagents and ongoing support for any manufacturing concerns.

    Simply setting up a coating process and running it does not guarantee that unforeseen human or environmental factors will not arise. When anomalies happen in the manufacturing process, you can turn to Biocoat’s staff of proven experts to help you maximize your production and you can count on us to provide you with best-in-class service.

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