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Custom Coatings for Cardiovascular Devices

Our hydrophilic coatings provide best-in-class performance with the industry’s lowest particulate counts. Our flexible service model allows you to coat your materials at your production facility or our Contract Coating Services Unit. Your medical device is specifically designed to achieve its intended goal, and our coatings allow your device to be easily maneuverable and highly durable to optimize vascular access and minimize procedure time.

At Biocoat, we are focused on researching, developing, manufacturing, and applying the best coatings in the market. Our team is fully dedicated to providing our customers with a best-inclass experience at every step.



At Biocoat, we offer a complete solution for coating cardiovascular medical devices.

Our team is fully dedicated to providing our customers with a best-in-class experience at every step.


Our R&D team is focused on developing coatings that best solve the needs of a constantly changing market.


Our team of coating experts is available to quickly test the performance of our coatings on your device.


Our flexible business model is here to support you if you coat at your facility or in our contract coating unit.


Our EMERSE Dip Coating System comes in multiple sizes to match your coating needs and desired throughput.


Substrates We Coat

The Proof is in the Performance

At Biocoat, our HYDAK coatings offer best-in-class performance in lubricity, durability, and particulates. Our coatings give you a choice to cure the coatings using either Thermal heat or Ultraviolet (UV) light. The following charts show the results of a series of tests that the Biocoat Research & Development team completed to test the friction, durability, and particulates on commercially available microcatheters to see how our coatings perform compared to other coatings on the market.


PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter Family of Products


To successfully complete the project design, the developing company’s engineering team required a l1igh­ performing hydrophilic coating and to implement production techniques to match the high volume and high­ efficiency production requirements during the introduction of a family of balloon catheters.

THE challenge:

Biocoat was asked to develop a coating that would perform on each catheter being planned for the product portfolio. Each catheter had different coating requirements, including different coating lengths, lubricity requirements, masking and performance standards. One particularly challenging area was the development of a solution and process to mask the balloons on the catheters so that the coating did not interfere with the performance of the balloon.


Biocoat worked closely with the engineering team on each project to develop a coating to maximize the overall device performance. Biocoat also designed and assisted with developing production techniques that would allow for large volumes of product to be coated efficiently and effectively. Each product has been US-FDA approved and is available in several countries including the United States, Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, Australia, Latin America, and Africa.


“I believe their hydrophilic coating solution for catheters is one of the best, if not the best, solution on the market.”
Michael Wallace     CEO    Devoro Medical

Interested in a Hydrophilic Coating Equipment Solutions for your Cardiovascular Devices?

Our team of engineers and coating experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.

Are you ready to start a project? A standard engagement with Biocoat follows:

Project Review
This initial review is to determine if there is a fit between your project’s unique specifications and our HYDAK coatings. If both parties agree on moving forward, we will start the feasibility testing process.
Feasibility Testing
During the feasibility testing process, we ask for approximately ten samples for us to perform a high-level coating test. Once the coating is complete, we test the sample material for lubricity and durability and then perform a dye test to ensure the coating adhered as expected. In conjunction with the testing performance results, we send some coated materials for you to test at your own facility.
Coating Development & Optimization
Collaboration is vital during this stage, as we are working together to develop the coating that best matches your device. Planning for validation, regulatory submission, and for large-scale coating application can be completed at our Contract Coating Services unit or fulfillment at your production facility
Services & Fufillment
  • Contract Coating Services
    Our comprehensive Contract Coating Services for medical devices are specifically designed to ensure that your products will be expertly coated for maximum safety, maneuverability, and patient comfort. Our best-in-class customer service, ability to cure using UV or Thermal, and rapid turnaround times are a perfect fit to support your outsourced manufacturing process.
  • Reagent Fulfillment
    If you plan to coat the devices at your facility, we support you through flawless customer support to ensure that you receive your materials on time and as expected every time. Our Customer Service team is always available to assist with any questions or support you may require.
Coating Equipment
To support your in-house coating efforts, we offer fully automated and semi-automated equipment options for both UV and Thermal curing. Our equipment is a perfect compliment for your in-house manufacturing process.

Let’s Connect

Our team of engineers and clinical experts would be glad to have a discussion about your project and its requirements.
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