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Biocoat, Inc.’s HYDAK® UV Hydrophilic Coating Awarded USPTO Patent

Biocoat, Inc.’s HYDAK® UV Hydrophilic Coating Awarded USPTO Patent

HORSHAM, PA July 26, 2022Biocoat, Inc., a specialty manufacturer of hydrophilic biomaterial coatings, services and dip-coating equipment for medical devices, today announced that its HYDAK® UV coating has been approved for a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

“Biocoat’s HYDAK UV coating is built on a bi-laminar platform that offers industry-leading results in lubricity, durability and particulates, which are the main criteria for measuring hydrophilic coating performance,” said Dr. Bob Hergenrother, Biocoat’s Vice President of Research, Development, and Innovation.  “The acceptance of our USPTO filing confirms that our unique and proprietary technology is unmatched in the marketplace.”

Biocoat is the only hydrophilic coating provider to offer industry-leading performance using both UV and Thermal Heat curing systems. UV cure coatings are used on many medical devices that require a hydrophilic coating, particularly in the cardiovascular market. Thermal curing is often used on interventional medical devices that require extremely high-performance results.  In addition, Thermal curing may be used for coating the inner diameter of the substrate materials or for use on the delivery cartridges used to place intraocular lenses (IOLs).

“Our HYDAK UV coating was introduced to the market in early 2020 and since then, we have had significant interest from both current and new customers” said Jim Moran, President, and CEO, Biocoat. “The entire Biocoat team has worked tirelessly to support this new product launch, and we are proud to be recognized by this patent for our innovation.  Our team is laser focused on ensuring that we offer customers the best hydrophilic coatings and product development support available in the industry today”.

Scott Cramer, Board Chair for Biocoat, added, “The Biocoat team continues to innovate, which has pushed the organization to be recognized as the leading full-service hydrophilic coating company in the medical device industry.”

About Biocoat, Inc.
Biocoat, Inc. is a full-service coatings provider specializing in supplying lubricious hydrophilic coatings custom engineered to meet specific clinical parameters for medical devices to original equipment manufacturers, start-up companies, and contract manufacturers.  Biocoat also provides coating services and dip-coating equipment to medical device companies that require assistance with manufacturing.

To learn more about Biocoat visit, call +1 215-734-0888 or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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