Hydak Hydrophilic
Technology Platform

Lubricious With Extremely Low Particulate Count

A Winning Combination For Interventional Medical Devices

Based on Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring polysaccharide, Biocoat’s HYDAK® hydrophilic coating technology is uniquely positioned from other chemistries on the market. Biocoat’s bi-laminar coating platform is covalently bonded and employs a hydrogel behavior of hyaluronic acid to make medical device surfaces lubricious.

Covalent bonding yields a robust coating surface that is extremely durable with a low particulate count. HYDAK® coatings are customizable to meet device design needs.


HYDAK® coatings are designed for application on a wide range of devices in Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Peripheral and Ophthalmic markets. Medical devices in these markets that are coated with Hydak coatings platform include:

  • Guidewires
  • Catheters
  • Microcatheters
  • Delivery Systems
  • Introducer Sheaths
  • Access Systems
  • IOL Cartridges


  • Pebax
  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane
  • Tecothane
  • Chronoprene
  • PET
  • PEEK
  • Texin
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Metals – Ni, SS, Pt



Hydrophilic coatings are applied onto medical devices to make surfaces lubricious and lower the co-efficient of friction. This helps track the device through vasculature without damaging the vessel walls and enables precise positioning. The Hydak coating platform outperforms other chemistries and delivers superior lubricity with a low particulate count.

HYDAK Performance Data

Coating Lubricity

Test results comparing six (6) different neurovascular microcatheters, of which two (2) are coated with Biocoat’s HYDAK® coating technology.

Particulate Evaluation: Hydrophilic Coatings

The Biocoat R&D team tested the particulate counts of six (6) commercially available microcatheters, of which two (2) are coated with Biocoat’s HYDAK® technology. These results show that HYDAK® offers the lowest particulate counts of the tested microcatheters.

Initial Friction vs. Particles for Neurovascular Microcatheters

The Biocoat R&D team measured the initial friction of six (6) commercially available microcatheters, of which two (2) are coated with Biocoat’s HYDAK® technology, to the number of particulates that were generated. Traditionally, a coating would either offer low friction or higher particulates, but recent advances in best-in-class materials allow for both low friction and low particulates.