Verification Testing for
Medical Device Coatings

Verification Testing

After formulating a new coating for a client, it is important to test how various conditions and manufacturing parameters affect the coating. Biocoat’s technical staff is experienced with managing projects to determine the viability of a coating for commercial use to mitigate the risks of going to market.

The Biocoat Verification Method

Starting from the standard Biocoat Verification Method developed for its own proprietary coatings, a team of engineers and scientists at Biocoat can devise and apply a set of appropriate tests to a coating to determine its commercial viability.

What Can These Tests Include?

Although every new coating will have a (customized) set of required tests, common possibilities are:

• Baseline lubricity and durability of applied coating
• Aging characterization
• Sterilization methods (and optimization)
• ISO 10993 Biocompatibility
• Endotoxin testing
• Anti-microbial efficacy
• In vivo biocompatibility

The Biocoat Advantage

By working with Biocoat, a client gains a partner in coating commercialization. Specialized and focused experience in the area of medical device coatings is brought to bear. This knowledge can be used to supplement the research of a client’s own scientific staff, or it can act as the main development house for the coating component. With 25 years of experience in creating medical device coatings, Biocoat is a trusted agent for medical device coatings commercialization.