Biocoat Offers Support Services
for Your Coating Process

Support for Your Coating Process

Completion of development and validation in the coating process is only the beginning. Beyond that lies a long relationship with a close partner to ensure that the process runs smoothly from day to day. Biocoat’s support level is virtually unique among competing coating companies. An array of services are available to customers using commercialized coatings for medical devices.

Why Does Your Company Need Biocoat's Support?

Simply setting up a coating process and running it does not guarantee that unforeseen human or environmental factors will creep into the mix. When anomalies arise in the manufacturing process, who do you turn to for a solution?

Biocoat’s staff of proven experts have over 50 years of combined coating experience to help you through the issues, should they arise.

Biocoat’s support services include:

• Phone consultations with coating experts any time during business hours
• Yearly checkup visits to your facility for continuous process improvement
• Analytical testing for anomalous samples
• Experimental design for isolating process parameter effects
• Sample coatings to test new process parameters or changes
• Independent verification of CoA and CoC documents from vendors

Biocoat's Service Guarantee

Biocoat prides itself not only on its high-quality coatings, but also on its human touch. Coating experts are here to answer your calls promptly, and turnaround time results are measured in days, not weeks. Biocoat believes strongly in the relationship between it and its customers. Being a good partner to work with is just as important to us as having a high-quality product. For licensees and other customers of Biocoat, Manufacturing Support comes at little additional cost. Biocoat’s primary concern is getting your product to market with a highly efficacious coating, and keeping it there.