Coatings Development with Biocoat

Biocoat team members are skilled in guiding you to the most appropriate coating for your application. However, if your coating needs are not met by one of our standard hydrophilic coatings, Biocoat can help develop a coating that suits your needs.

Help Us Understand Your Needs

To harness the power of our platform, Biocoat team members will work with you to build up a list of requirements and specifications. What aspects of the coating are most important to your project? Possibilities are:

• A higher degree of durability
• Enhanced lubricity
• Adherence to a variety of substrates
• Low particulate count
• A combination of properties

What Coatings Are Possible Using This Platform?

Coatings can be tailored for desired applications. This can include:

• Heparin coatings
• Coatings with other glycosaminoglycans, such as Chondroitin
• Collagen coatings
• Other covalently bound proteins such as RGD

With extra development, coatings for advanced applications can utilize the HYDAK Platform. These applications can include:

• Silver releasing coatings
• Anti-biofilm coatings
• Drug releasing coatings

The Coatings Development Process

For customers that need innovative coating solutions and understand the challenges associated with creating a brand new coating, Biocoat may partner with them to co-develop the product. Contact us to discuss a collaboration in the form of a Development Agreement with set milestones and time lines.